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As a client of Counter Balance, LLC you have the choice of commercial real estate investment vehicles,  Triple Net or Value Add.   Based upon your risk tolerance you will choose the investment type that best matches your goals.   Counter Balance will then assist you along the process of locating, acquiring, managing and ultimately disposing of your commercial property.

The buttons below will guide you to the appropriate page for investor type and or experience.

Financial obligations of NNN clients are the following:

  • Physical inspection fee of property.  This fee will fluctuate based upon location of the property resulting.   A typical inspection fee will run $1,500.00.  This fee will be due to Counter Balance, LLC regardless if you are successful in purchasing the property or not.  This fee is only due e due if a physical inspection is performed by Counter Balance, LLC.  You will only be responsible for your proportional share of ownership.

  • Legal Fees.  If LOI is accepted and the transaction proceed to PSA (Contract) then you will be responsible for proportional share of legal and accounting fees. These fees will fluctuate depending on the complexity of the ownership, due diligence review and location of property.  Typical legal billing for these services will run approximately $3,000.00.  This fee will be due to the law firm representing the acquiring party regardless if you are successful in purchasing the property or not.

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